We have started school here at The Bluemoon Thinkin’ House.  Actually we started in July, but that was just piddly stuff.  Now it’s almost September so it’s time to get down to the serious stuff…like Writing! 😉

I started a Continue Me Story with my Randomkid Youngest today.  I will be posting our additions as they come to us.

….Oh and as always with us Bluemoon Thinkers, grammar rarely counts. ;)-

So, I apologize ahead of time to all of my Editor and Grammar lovin’ friends and readers.

Now then, Let’s Begin with My Turn~


The Case of the Bat Crazy Bugs
“Momma move over a little please, you are makin’ me hot and itchy.”

“I’m sorry Papa, but I can only move a smidge because our bedroom is just too crowded.”

“Oh, well.  I’m up now anyways I guess it’s time to go get dinner.”

Papa sighed and stretched his wings out to their fullest length.  He began
preening his fur and inspecting his bat wings.

“Papa, remember I’m in charge of the nursery today.”

“Ach!  Yes, I remember.  There are already too many young ones in our tiny portion of the cave.”

“Yes, but Papa without young ones, where would we be?”

“More comfortable and less itchy.”

“Oh, Papa!”

Momma Bat smacked him gently on the side as he continued to prep himself for takeoff.

All the other bats in the cave could be heard flapping and stretching as they readied themselves for the evening flight.

Momma Bat could see a line of tiny furry bodies making their way steadily in the direction of their tiny section of the cave ceiling.

“Oh their early today. Papa please tell Joe and Meg to wake up and get ready for their friends.”

Soon the small area that Momma and Papa Bat called home was inundated with furry little bat bodies wiggling around everywhere.

Papa was just finishing up his stretches and preparing to leave for the night.

“Joe are you around here anywhere?”

A small silver bat crawled his way carefully through the mob over to his dad.

“Yeah Pop, what do ya need, see?”

“Oh, Joey.  I wish you would stop reading all of those Sam Spade Detective comics.  Your accent sounds ridiculous.”

“I can’t help it Pop.  I love Sam Spade!  He always catches the bad guys and saves the dames.”

“Oy Vey. All right my son, I need you to help your Momma with the little ones today and keep an eye on your sister.”

Poppa scratched and scratched the entire time he was talking with Joe.  This was not lost on little Joe, who was honing his detective skills so he could be just like Sam Spade when he grew up.

“Hey Pop, what’s with all the scratchin’?  You look itchier than a hound dog in a patch of poison ivy.”

“Yes, for some reason I am terribly itchy today, but that is not what we are talking about right now.  So please do not change the subject.  I don’t want any shenanigans out of you today.  I’m absolutely counting on you to help your Momma.  There a lot of Bat babies for her to manage.”

“Don’t worry Pop.  I’m on the case.”

“Yes, that’s what I’m afraid of.”

With that, Poppa stretched his wings and let go of the ceiling’s surface and dropped down into the darkness.

“Boy howdy.  I can’t wait till I can do that.”  Joe stared out into the dark cave and wondered why his dad was itching so much.

“Hmmmm.  I think I’ll call this the Case of the Bat Crazy Scratcher.”

He shrugged and turned around figuring he had better drop this case for now.

He made his way back in the direction of his Momma to see if she needed any help with the latest arrivals.


….To Be Continued.  😀


By the way, saw the Daily Post Challenge for today was Learning.  And We are learning to use our I-mag-ination…said like Spongebob. Lols