It was a gorgeous July morning… Not too hot and not too cold.  It was perfect shorts and a T-shirt weather.  I rolled out of bed, turned on my favorite tunes, and started cooking my breakfast.  The sun was just peeking over the horizon and everything had that half light look to it.  I finished my eggs and bacon and poured myself a glass of cold lemonade.  Carrying my food out to the deck, I noted in my head to oil the squeaky patio door.  It was too peaceful out here to annoy the birds with screechy and annoying sounds.

I placed my plate and cup on the round glass table snugged into one corner of my cozy deck.  I had been watching my veggies grow big and tasty looking for the past few weeks and couldn’t wait to get  my hands on the fruits of my labor from a new variety of tomato I planted.  I discovered the peculiar heirloom it at a local greenhouse back in May and it was coming along beautifully.  It was called a blueberry tomato and according to my resources on the internet they would be ripe for the picking any day.  I placed a napkin over my food to keep the bugs off and turned in the direction of those delicious and hopefully ready to be picked blueberry tomatoes.

After looking over the rest of my tomato plants, peppers, and cucumbers I turned my attention to my lovely blueberry tomato plant.  Now my resources said that once the tomatoes were blue all over and every trace of green was gone from the bottom they were ready to pick.  I inspected the top most clusters which were just beginning to show striated sections of blue around their tiny round girths.  The cluster that should be ready was located near the bottom of the plant so I bent down for a closer look.

I couldn’t find the cluster of luscious ready to eat fruits anywhere.  I looked in the pot to see if they had dropped off and fell into the dirt.  Nope.

I looked on the ground around the pot to see if they were knocked off in the storm the night before. Nope, nothin.

I looked at the plant again and found the remnants of the previous tenants of the vine.  Wherever the little buggers had gotten off to, they left behind their cute little green tops.  Waving in the breeze at me were three perfectly formed star shaped tomato leaves where the tomatoes had once been attached to the vine.

It’s been two whole weeks since the morning of the missing blueberry tomatoes, and I never figured out what happened to my cutie patootie tomatoes.   But soon I’ll be ready to harvest the next cluster of blueberries…I just hope these won’t go missing mysteriously as well.

Blueberry Tomatoes