NaPoWriMo 2016  Day 17

Internet Blackouts…Emotional ones Too (II)…

Bleary eyed hitting the button on the wifi for the third time in a row

Looking heavenward for any sign of help… No angelic computer geek rings my doorbell… How apropos

A small ray of hope… Almost all of the pretty colored lights begin to flash back to life

Curses!  That last one just won’t turn on!  Shakin’ the box like a crazed lunatic attempting to awaken it…Maybe if I threaten it with this knife?

Knowledge of anything internetty would be helpful right now… Is that even a word?  Internetty?

Oh my Goshness!  Life in internet blackout land is bleak and everything has that black and white TV snow look to it…Kinda like really ugly confetti

Ugh!  I give up.  I’ll just succumb to all the things that have called to me for so long… As I twiddled away my time surfin’ the net

This is by far the weirdest poem I’ve written yet

Some random line to finish off this Acrostic Alphabet