Wake up confused Is it morning or still night?

Darkness waits outside patiently standing watch until the sun relieves its overnight vigil.

Groggily roll out of bed and stumble around pausing for a moment at the door to slip on cozy robe and fluffy slippers.

Plodding down the hall sweeping up bed headed hair into a loose ponytail.

Sliding slippered feet onto the linoleum floor of the kitchen. Crack open the door to the fridge blinded by the light within and pull out breakfast fixins setting the table for later.

Call down the hall and get the rest of the tribe ready for the new day’s start.

Grab an orange, a sliced banana, and a steamy mug of Cocoa.

Escape outside to the deck where the dawn chorus greets the morning air and refreshes the soul of all who listen.

Break of Day