summers end

August always heralds the end of summer. A reminder of days gone by when the incessant call of the Cicada meant school was just around the corner.

Splashes of color, vibrant and radiant, are seen in various places as summer foliage readies itself for the chillier nights of fall followed by the long stretch of winter to come soon after.
Brilliantly blue skies arch overhead, dotted with puffy clouds leaving wisps of themselves behind as the wind speeds them off to their next stop. Warm rays of sun stretch down to the earth in between poky puffs of white, stragglers waiting to catch the next windy train.

Overwhelming contentment to sit and enjoy the bees busy collecting provisions to sustain themselves through the cold and colorless winter.
Glimpses here and there of silvery thread shimmering in the light, telltale signs of spiders webbing their way to the next meal.

The breeze chases it’s tail in miniature cyclones, jangling the wind chime on it’s way by. The soft musical ringing sends high pitched notes dancing across the air.

Linger awhile longer in this secret garden hideaway and enjoy the glorious day.


Bluemoon Thinker 🙂