home heck part 2

This is the final part to my tale of Whoa from Middle School Home Ec Class, or as we used to call it, “Home Heck.”
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“Tales from Home Heck”   Part 2

And so it begins….

We were all back from Christmas vacation.  I walked into Home Heck class eager to begin our cooking half of the year.

Playing with knives, setting things ablaze, “accidental” food fights, eating yummy food before lunch, it was all there waiting on the horizon just out of reach but tangibly close.

I was extremely excited, I may have done horrible in the sewing (Pleh) portion of the class, but cooking I could handle!

The teacher asked us to all find a seat. She notified us that she would be assigning us cooking partners for the rest of the year and that we would be earning the rest of our grade based on how well we worked as a team……Oh, Yaaaaaaaaay, Not!

She listed off all of the pairs and they each claimed a kitchenette station.

I began to get nervous when I realized it was down to me and just Shannon.

Oh no.  No, no, no, no, no.  Awww man!  Come on!  I quietly freaked out in my head.

This was So Not Cool! Totally Not Cool!

What was the Home Heck Teacher still carrying a grudge about the whole sewing machine debacle.
Was this some sort of sick and twisted revenge?

I couldn’t believe she was sticking me with the one kid in the entire room that was bent on driving me insane!

Okay, just get it together. Breathe, you just need to bring up your grade somehow. You will Not fail Home Ec!  You can do this!

Things went pretty well for the first couple of months while we learned the basics of measuring ingredients, how to use the appliances, how to follow a recipe, even washing dishes…yes, they taught us how to wash dishes…

Just as I had hopes that my grade might be saved, everything slid down hill when we started experimenting with recipes. We were supposed to actually put something together that was edible.  But Shannon had other ideas. Apparently he thought it was Art class and we should be making the Most eclectic looking and tasting food item possible.
Even Scooby Doo and Shaggy would not have eaten some of his concoctions. Blech!

It came time for our final project and I had been begging Shannon to just be normal and follow the stinking recipe for once.
I cringed as he went into his normal flurry of sticking strange ingredients together that really weren’t meant to be placed next to each other on a plate, much less involved with each other in the same dish.

At the end of the class period we had made a pretty gnarly looking dish…. of course, I wasn’t sure if it was good gnarly or bad gnarly.  All I knew was, I was def Not gonna try it.

The day of reckoning was at hand.  The teacher finally approached our station.  I couldn’t bear to watch what happened next.
She grabbed a clean spoon, dipped it into the strange looking concoction, raised it to her lips and took a bite.
I snuck a peek out of one eye, to see her reaction or to at least be ready to jump out of the way if she keeled over in my direction.

She paused, looked at the dish and What?! She went in for another bite? What was she loony?  

Maybe she had no taste buds left… Eaten away by years of tasting horrid food created by strange puberty stricken teenagers.

I watched her face as the corners of her mouth actually curled in what seemed to be the direction of a smile.

Oh, my gosh. I think she actually liked it! I might not actually fail Home Economics after all!

Well, believe it or not… I certainly couldn’t…she actually gave us a B.  She said it tasted wonderful, we just needed to work on our presentation….What an understatement that was.

Shannon looked over at me and said, “See, I got you covered.”
Huh, I guess he really did. I looked at him differently from that point on.  I still didn’t like him, but I had whole new level of respect for him.

He wasn’t just cruising through class like I originally thought.  He actually enjoyed concocting new dishes, going where no Middle School Home Ec Chef had gone before.

I walked away from that class with a C plus. Don’t ask me how I pulled that off, I think the teacher took pity on me. Or maybe she just couldn’t bear the thought of losing anymore sewing machines to my inept needlecraft.

Either way, I made it through Home Heck and lived to tell the tale.
Now if I could just make it through Shop Class without losing a finger.

But that’s another Story.

The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂