It is to Write

It is to write
Words ramble around in my brain
Sentences struggle to form an intelligible chain
Paragraphs strive to connect and order themselves
Pages fashioned thoughtfully with care, arranged and lined up as if on shelves
A book, the final compiled culmination, the all conclusive rewrite

It is to write
Minutes snatched here and there on the fly
Hours spent blissfully typing away unhindered on the wifi
Days of grabbing a moment hit or miss
Months of gathering notes, outlines, and lists
A year or more spent it’s finally done, might be able to get some sleep tonight

It is to write
Moment by moment or ideas from another age
Figments of imagination or memories viewed on life’s stage
Placed down on paper, recorded for all time and eternity
Whatever the circumstance, it will always be a worthy story
This is my life, I live to indite