Otter, Otter

Otter, Otter, all alone swimming in shallow streams of freshwater, feeling along the sandy bottom for food with quick sensitive paws.
Passing into leafy, underwater forests undulating and rippling in the strong current, he forges ahead with strong kicks from his powerful back feet.
Steering through green brown water with a thick rudder tail, he maneuvers left, right, and in between smooth grey rocks munching a frog here and crunching a crab there.
Shimmering scales pass between two rocks in the murky beyond.
Piercing into the gloom, large brown eyes see a worthy prey.
Winding into an acrobatic loop with a flick of the tail, he propels speedily toward his catch and stretches out sandpaper padded paws.
Flashing scales, iridescent in the filtered light from above, turn quickly to evade his grasp circling quickly around a mass of thick plants and shooting through a tunnel of rocky debris.
Gleaming scales and sleek brown fur mingle together as the predator-prey chase ensues at a dizzying pace.
Twisting almost into a pretzel the underwater fisherman latches onto the glimmering scaled behemoth with teeth and paws.
Launching onto the bank of the river with his struggling prize, out of the fast moving current, he feasts till satisfied.
Grooming sleek fur, he rolls around in the tall tufts of grass and dry sand toweling off any remaining moisture.
Otter, Otter, trundling away into the brush, up to his burrow to rest until its time to swim once again.