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Bullet Train

Life speeds by like a train on the fly
We struggle and try to just get by
What if we strive to enjoy the ride

Farewell to our stress with a long sigh
Watching blue sky as it slides on by
Carpe diem— sieze life, not abide

Have fun, live well, love long, amplify
Relax, enjoy the scenes streaming by
Explore wondrous places, fling doors wide

The journey’s end will then testify
Passion and purpose— should be lived by
This bullet train is but a joyride

Little Green Gardens…

Susanna Louise May loved all things green.

No plant was too big or too small to be venerated. She simply flipped over flowers, highly prized herbs,  esteemed succulents, respected cacti of all kinds, and valued all of the stepables.

Susanna just loved any and all plants in general.  She enjoyed learning new things about them, discovering different methods of caring for them,  seeing new varieties she had never seen before, and  most importantly she loved buying them and bringing them home.

When her mother would go on an errand to the store most children Susanna’s age would make a beeline for the toys, but not Susanna.

“Mom, I’ll be in the Gardening Department saving the Widows and Orphans.”

Mrs. May would shake her head a little and head off in the opposite direction towards the milk.

“Alright dear, I will see you in a bit.”

Of course a bit was usually an hour or more.

“I just need a few more minutes to make sure I didn’t leave anyone behind.”

“Sweetheart, don’t you want to buy something other than the Widows and Orphans this time?  They are so straggly and most of them are half dead.”

“But Mom, I can buy these for pennies on the dollar.  Besides you know all they need is a little TLC and they’ll perk right back up and be beautiful again in a few weeks.”

Susanna’s mother heaved a sigh as the ice cream she bought began to sweat and droplets of water rolled into her sleeve.

“Alright dear, I’ll head out to the car.  See you soon?”

This was the normal way of things every time they went to the store.  It had been like this ever since Susanna’s first experience with plants of all shapes and sizes when she was just a little thing about five years old.

Back then she was mostly just pigtails, freckles, and gap-toothed smiles.

“Momma, what is this place?”

“It’s a greenhouse sweetheart.”

“Momma, is that why there are so many green things everywhere?  Cause it’s a Green House?”

“Yes, dear.  They grow plants here so everything is green all year round.”

Susanna looked around in wonder at all of the plants that were hanging or sitting on every available place possible.

“I need to find a pair of garden gloves, so let’s walk over this way.”

Susanna was grinning up at the tallest sunflower she had ever seen when a diminutive grey haired lady with small round wire rimmed glasses walked up to her.

“Hello little one.  Are you lost?”

Susanna was always told to be kind to older people and responded in her most sincere and honest voice.

“Oh, no.  I’m most definitely not lost.  I was just speaking to this very nice flower.  I heard somewhere that if you talk nicely to flowers and plants they grow bigger.”

The older woman hid her mouth behind her gloved hand to conceal a chuckle.  She didn’t want to hurt the little girl’s feelings, besides she talked to the plants as well to see if they would grow taller and stronger.

“Well, child.  Would you like a tour of our little greenhouse?  I could show you an amazing world from plants that float on water and grow so big you can sit on them and use them as a boat, to plants so tiny and indestructible you can walk on them all day and never hurt one leaf or stem.”

Susanna jiggled her head up and down till her pigtails bounced up and down as well.

“Well then come child, and we will walk until your mother is finished with her shopping.  It’s a small greenhouse and she will have no trouble finding us.”

“What’s this one called, please?”

Susanna had already run on ahead eager to learn all that the kind woman could tell her about the green things all around her.

From that time on, Susanna dove head first into the world of plants.  She had bitten by the green thumb bug and had been bitten good.

Mrs. May, Susanna’s mother, was at a bit of a loss as to what to do with her daughter.  At first it was endearing that her little girl loved green things so.  But now that Susanna was older and Susanna’s room was looking more like an indoor garden than a ten year old’s bedroom, her mother felt it had all gotten a bit out of hand.

“Susanna Louise, I can’t find anything in your room anymore.  And why is there a plant in your hamper instead of dirty laundry young lady.”

“But Mom, it’s a shade loving plant.”

Mrs. May’s breakthrough came one day when Susanna was busy planting some former widows and orphans in the flower beds in the front yard.

“Hello, Susanna.”

“Oh, hi Miss Baxter.  How are you doing this morning?”

“I’m wonderful, but Bailey here really needed to get out for some exercise.”  She lovingly patted her pudgy brown and white bulldog on his head.

“Those are gorgeous flowers that you are planting Susanna!  I wish you could come and make my garden the beautiful works of art that yours are.”

At that exact moment the answer to Mrs. May’s problem of too much green began to formulate in her mind.

She went into the house, logged onto the internet, and looked up gardens, but specifically miniature gardens or fairy gardens as they are known more popularly now.

Mrs. May scrolled through all of the pictures she could find about various fairy garden designs and examples.

Susanna walked in the back door and chuckled.

“Wow Mom!  Miss Baxter sure does love little purple Petunias I planted in the front yard.  I hope you don’t mind but I gave her some to take along with instructions not to over water them like she did the Black Eyed Susans I gave her last year.”

Mrs. May was busy scrolling through all of the pictures she had found of examples of various Fairy Gardens.

“Hmmm?  What’s that dear?  I didn’t quite hear you, I was busy looking something up.”

Susanna clipped her garden gloves to the clothespins by the back door and shucked her boots off onto the I love gardening mud mat underneath and walked into the kitchen to her mother.

“Whoa!  Mom what is that?  I’ve never seen anything like it!”

Mrs. May scooted over on the old piano bench that they used as a computer chair and Susanna plunked herself down next to her mother, stealing the mouse as she sat.

“These are absolutely adorable Mom!”

“I know right?  I’m thinking they could be the solution to the little overcrowding issue we are having at the house right now.”

Susanna looked around the kitchen and out into the living room.

“What overcrowd-, oh.”

As if for the first time, Susanna saw all of the plants that were carefully placed  or hung on every inch of available surface area in the house.

“Wow!  I hadn’t really noticed how out of control the green has gotten around here.”

Her mother just smiled.

“You are cute, you know that?”


Susanna returned her attention to the screen and scrolled down to find even more examples of tiny gardening.  Mrs. May could see right away that her daughter was instantly smitten.

“Yes, this will work out wonderfully.”

“Hmmm?  What mom?”

“Nothing dear.”

There’s a freshly painted sign that hangs under the mailbox on the May’s house now…

Susanna’s Miniature Gardens

“The Land of the Fairy”



My inspiration for this Flash Fiction:

A Fairy Garden Gift…for a close up of her lovely poem follow this link…from my lovely friend Susan Witmer Miller of Sue’s Nook fame. 😀

Fairy Garden

Continue Me Story…

We have started school here at The Bluemoon Thinkin’ House.  Actually we started in July, but that was just piddly stuff.  Now it’s almost September so it’s time to get down to the serious stuff…like Writing! 😉

I started a Continue Me Story with my Randomkid Youngest today.  I will be posting our additions as they come to us.

….Oh and as always with us Bluemoon Thinkers, grammar rarely counts. ;)-

So, I apologize ahead of time to all of my Editor and Grammar lovin’ friends and readers.

Now then, Let’s Begin with My Turn~


The Case of the Bat Crazy Bugs
“Momma move over a little please, you are makin’ me hot and itchy.”

“I’m sorry Papa, but I can only move a smidge because our bedroom is just too crowded.”

“Oh, well.  I’m up now anyways I guess it’s time to go get dinner.”

Papa sighed and stretched his wings out to their fullest length.  He began
preening his fur and inspecting his bat wings.

“Papa, remember I’m in charge of the nursery today.”

“Ach!  Yes, I remember.  There are already too many young ones in our tiny portion of the cave.”

“Yes, but Papa without young ones, where would we be?”

“More comfortable and less itchy.”

“Oh, Papa!”

Momma Bat smacked him gently on the side as he continued to prep himself for takeoff.

All the other bats in the cave could be heard flapping and stretching as they readied themselves for the evening flight.

Momma Bat could see a line of tiny furry bodies making their way steadily in the direction of their tiny section of the cave ceiling.

“Oh their early today. Papa please tell Joe and Meg to wake up and get ready for their friends.”

Soon the small area that Momma and Papa Bat called home was inundated with furry little bat bodies wiggling around everywhere.

Papa was just finishing up his stretches and preparing to leave for the night.

“Joe are you around here anywhere?”

A small silver bat crawled his way carefully through the mob over to his dad.

“Yeah Pop, what do ya need, see?”

“Oh, Joey.  I wish you would stop reading all of those Sam Spade Detective comics.  Your accent sounds ridiculous.”

“I can’t help it Pop.  I love Sam Spade!  He always catches the bad guys and saves the dames.”

“Oy Vey. All right my son, I need you to help your Momma with the little ones today and keep an eye on your sister.”

Poppa scratched and scratched the entire time he was talking with Joe.  This was not lost on little Joe, who was honing his detective skills so he could be just like Sam Spade when he grew up.

“Hey Pop, what’s with all the scratchin’?  You look itchier than a hound dog in a patch of poison ivy.”

“Yes, for some reason I am terribly itchy today, but that is not what we are talking about right now.  So please do not change the subject.  I don’t want any shenanigans out of you today.  I’m absolutely counting on you to help your Momma.  There a lot of Bat babies for her to manage.”

“Don’t worry Pop.  I’m on the case.”

“Yes, that’s what I’m afraid of.”

With that, Poppa stretched his wings and let go of the ceiling’s surface and dropped down into the darkness.

“Boy howdy.  I can’t wait till I can do that.”  Joe stared out into the dark cave and wondered why his dad was itching so much.

“Hmmmm.  I think I’ll call this the Case of the Bat Crazy Scratcher.”

He shrugged and turned around figuring he had better drop this case for now.

He made his way back in the direction of his Momma to see if she needed any help with the latest arrivals.


….To Be Continued.  😀


By the way, saw the Daily Post Challenge for today was Learning.  And We are learning to use our I-mag-ination…said like Spongebob. Lols



Haiku Hullaballoo…

Clouds bustling along
Wind driven to new places
Wisps wave as they fly

Small feet scuttling
Tiny arms wave frantically
Water covers all

Blossom tipped green stalk
Pink, lavender, to white puffs
Wishes wave on breeze

Clear, hot, boiling
Loose leaves dye liquid landscape
Wave to cool burned lips



Inspired by the prompt at

The Case Of The Missing Tomatoes…

It was a gorgeous July morning… Not too hot and not too cold.  It was perfect shorts and a T-shirt weather.  I rolled out of bed, turned on my favorite tunes, and started cooking my breakfast.  The sun was just peeking over the horizon and everything had that half light look to it.  I finished my eggs and bacon and poured myself a glass of cold lemonade.  Carrying my food out to the deck, I noted in my head to oil the squeaky patio door.  It was too peaceful out here to annoy the birds with screechy and annoying sounds.

I placed my plate and cup on the round glass table snugged into one corner of my cozy deck.  I had been watching my veggies grow big and tasty looking for the past few weeks and couldn’t wait to get  my hands on the fruits of my labor from a new variety of tomato I planted.  I discovered the peculiar heirloom it at a local greenhouse back in May and it was coming along beautifully.  It was called a blueberry tomato and according to my resources on the internet they would be ripe for the picking any day.  I placed a napkin over my food to keep the bugs off and turned in the direction of those delicious and hopefully ready to be picked blueberry tomatoes.

After looking over the rest of my tomato plants, peppers, and cucumbers I turned my attention to my lovely blueberry tomato plant.  Now my resources said that once the tomatoes were blue all over and every trace of green was gone from the bottom they were ready to pick.  I inspected the top most clusters which were just beginning to show striated sections of blue around their tiny round girths.  The cluster that should be ready was located near the bottom of the plant so I bent down for a closer look.

I couldn’t find the cluster of luscious ready to eat fruits anywhere.  I looked in the pot to see if they had dropped off and fell into the dirt.  Nope.

I looked on the ground around the pot to see if they were knocked off in the storm the night before. Nope, nothin.

I looked at the plant again and found the remnants of the previous tenants of the vine.  Wherever the little buggers had gotten off to, they left behind their cute little green tops.  Waving in the breeze at me were three perfectly formed star shaped tomato leaves where the tomatoes had once been attached to the vine.

It’s been two whole weeks since the morning of the missing blueberry tomatoes, and I never figured out what happened to my cutie patootie tomatoes.   But soon I’ll be ready to harvest the next cluster of blueberries…I just hope these won’t go missing mysteriously as well.

Blueberry Tomatoes


Happy Independence Day…

Fun on the Fourth

The kaleidoscope of colors draws me in
The dazzling lights trailing sparks
Brilliant hue explodes onto ink black canvas
Rose, azure, and gold trickle down thru the night sky
Finish in flashing pops with fizzes and crackles
With a whoosh and a zoom the rockets shoot upward
Soaring to tremendous heights reflecting the stars glow


Little Lettuce Lost…

Little Lettuce Lost

Little Lettuce Lost~

Little lettuce lost tucked in amongst the stones
It’s a gloomy spot to make yourself at home
How in the wide world did you end up here?
Were you caught on an errant breeze my dear?
You managed to grow through the rocks and weeds
But I’d like to take you to my nice garden please
I think that you will thrive much better there
You will sprout up bigger and stronger under my care
So I hope you don’t mind that I’m transplanting you
But I think you will like it after a day or two

Haiku Hullaballoo…

Monkeys swing through streets
Forest homes swapped for cities
Power lines turned vines

Joyful children play
Sun filtered shapes of light dance
Swings touching the sky

Baseball season starts
Hey batta, batta, batta
It’s a swing and miss

Spin your partner round
Do se do and promenade
Swing her back again

Wind blows playfully
Heavy vines swing ripened fruit
Strawberry season



Inspired by the prompt at

Fan Letters…

A Fan Letter-

Oh my goodness!!  You are the most amazing person in the entire world!  Oh my goodness!!  I am still reeling from my life changing encounter with you.  😀

I was really nervous to meet you, but you were everything that people say you are.  😮

When I heard you were coming to my town, I was so excited to come out and catch a glimpse of you.  🙂

Everyone in Jerusalem has been talking about you and there was literally people starting to line up in the streets the day before you were even supposed to get to town.  I decided to try to get out there as early as I could, but by the time I got to the center of town it was just crazy!  There were people everywhere!  😮 😮

I had heard about some guy in another town that wanted to see you so bad that he climbed a tree, but I’m a woman and didn’t want people thinking I was a weirdo.

Anyways, we were all standing around for hours waiting for you to come.  The atmosphere was just electric.  There was a literal buzz going through the crowd as the anticipation began to build that you had just entered outside of town.

People started pushing the weak, elderly, and sick to the front of the crowded sidelines on the street.  Mothers and fathers were urging their children to the front of the line as well and random strangers were picking them up and putting them on their shoulders.  It was amazing.

I was hoping that I would just catch a small glimpse of you as you walked by, but before I knew what I was doing… I mean, I was so caught up in the electricity of the crowd that I knew that I had to Really See you.  The murmurs ran through the crowd that you were coming closer and the crowd started surging forward.  I was caught up in the wave of bodies and all of a sudden I felt with every fiber of my being that not only did I Have to See you, I Had to Touch you.

I know, it’s crazy right?  I know, I’m just a woman, but I Needed to Touch you!  So I did the unthinkable, I saw the mass of people huddled around you, and your disciples encircling you like a giant security team, but like I said, I kinda lost it!  I started pushing through the crowd with an intensity that actually scared me.

You see, what I forgot to share earlier in my letter is that ever since I was a teenager and started my womanly time, I’ve had an issue of blood.  I’ve been to every doctor in Judea asking for help from anyone.  I’ve spent so much money because no one should have to live like this.

Either way, I just Knew that whatever happened when I saw you coming, I just Knew I Had to touch you.  If I could just Touch you I knew that I would be Healed!  I couldn’t be satisfied with just Seeing you anymore, I Had to Touch you no matter what, I had to touch you or I would just Die!  Does that sound crazy?  I’m sure it does.

I knew my chance was slipping by me, so I pressed through the crowd.  Thankfully I’m small, so I ducked under people and decided the best way to get to you was to go in low.  I pulled myself forward and pushed people to the side.  I reached my hand through the mass of people and stretched for all I was worth and grabbed the hem of your robe.  Honestly, I wasn’t even sure if it was your robe at first, but then I felt it.  A warmth just soaked through me, from the inside outward.  It was instantaneous.  I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was healed!  I felt like I had been filled with heaven itself.  It was absolutely amazing!

You instantly turned around and said, “Who touched me!”

It took me a minute to even hear you correctly. There were so many people touching you.  You couldn’t possibly mean me, right?  Besides, I was floating on air.  But when your commanding voice finally reached my ears, I instantly felt ashamed.

You turned and looked directly at me.

I knew that you knew it was me.  I was so scared, I fell at your feet, not daring to even look up at you, but you pulled me to my feet and made me look at you.

You didn’t look through me like most men do when they see it’s just a woman.  You Really looked at me, you looked directly in my eyes.  It was as if you could see into my very soul, and you know what?  I didn’t feel condemnation, I only felt loved.  It was if love was pouring from you and right into me.  I knew then and there, you were who you say you were.  You Are the Son of God.  No one can ever tell me different, cause I know the Truth and it has set me free.

I will always remember what you said to me for the rest of my life.

First of all, you called me Daughter.  Oh what a wonderful sound, Daughter.  I am named Daughter from now on. 😀

Then you said, be of good comfort, your faith has made you whole, go in peace.

And you know what?  It’s been months now and I’m still at peace.  Anyway, I didn’t mean to ramble on so much, but I just had to tell you how much you’ve changed my life.  Not just physically, but in every way possible.

I will tell everyone I know and see about You as long as my body has breath.

I can never thank you enough.

Your Loving Daughter  🙂

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